The "Buzz"

" What executive has not experienced the anxiety of decision making in an environment of uncertainty? In this gem of a book, the authors encourage us to embrace uncertainty when it appears, to indeed seek it out when it's absent and to work with it to optimize our business flexibility. A must-read for those who aspire to lead".

- Jeff Bleustein, CEO of Harley-Davidson


"Successful leaders are energized by achieving high levels of performance in the face of complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty. Embracing Uncertainty: The Essence of Leadership presents a point of view that gives aspiring leaders a valuable insight into how to operate in such an environment."

- Noel M. Tichy, Author (with Eli Cohen) The Leadership Engine, and
Professor at the University of Michigan Business School


"Using clear language and numerous examples, Clampitt and DeKoch have written a provocative, interesting, and easy-to-read book that will prove most useful to nearly everyone in the workplace, regardless of where they may be in the pecking order. Especially valuable is the incorporation of real-world examples that make their case for embracing uncertainty - a concept that conventional wisdom cautions us to avoid rather than embrace. An unusually effective feature is the chapter that takes on all the hard questions that readers will be asking as they go through the book and answers them in a clear and straightforward manner. Equally refreshing, the authors are not afraid to admit they don't know all the answers and that for other questions, their answers are - you guessed it - uncertain."

- Professor Tim Meyer, Rosenberg Scholar,
University of Wisconsin


"This book is virtually unassailable in concept, instructive in demeanor, and a logical approach to the new leadership required to survive and thrive in the next millenium."

- Patrick J. Copps, CEO of Copps Industries