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Featured Article

Decision Downloading
Phillip G. Clampitt & M. Lee Williams

Have you ever had a situation where you could not keep everyone informed about your decision making process and then had to communicate that decision? We use the term “decision downloading” for these situations. Our research indicates that leaders who robustly download their decisions are twice as likely to create a work climate that supports organizational decisions than those who do not. Robust downloaders discuss a) how the decision was made, b) why it was made, c) what alternatives were considered, d) how it fits in with the organizational mission, e) how it impacts the organization and f) how it impacts employees.

Click here for the Sloan abstract and ordering information.  Download the original research article (171k doc or 138k pdf)

Applied Research

"Checking the Organizational Pulse"
White Paper 2007
Download  (76k doc or 66k pdf)

"Leaders as strategic communicators."
Ivey Business Journal, May/June 2002.

Download  (80k doc or 46k pdf)

"Embracing uncertainty: The executive's challenge."
Journal of Change Management, March 2002.

Abstract Download
 (128k doc or 105k pdf)

"Embracing uncertainty: The hidden dimension of growth."

Ivey Business Journal, January/February 2002.

Download  (88k doc or 60k pdf)

"A strategy for communicating about uncertainty."

Academy of Management Executive, 2000.

Abstract Download
 (155k doc or 110k pdf)

"Strategically communicating organisational change."

Journal of Communication Management,
August 1996, 15-28. (co-authored with L. Berk).

Abstract Download
(462k doc or 113k pdf)

"World class communications."
PIMA Magazine, November 1994.

Download  (264k pdf)


Basic Research

"Conceptualizing and measuring how employees and organizations manage uncertainty."
Communication Research Reports, December 2005.

(114k doc or 123k pdf)

"How employees and organizations manage uncertainty: Norms, implications, and future research."

Paper presented at the ICA convention, 2003.

(182k doc or 88k pdf)

"Supervisory mentoring: Does a female manager make a difference?"
M. Lee Williams, Ph.D. and Victoria Nevin Locke

 (39k pdf)

"Managing uncertainty: Conceptualizations and measurement."
Paper presented at the ICA convention, 2000.

 (313k pdf)

"The questionnaire approach."
Chapter in the book, Auditing Organisational Communication, 1999.

How to order / download

"A communication audit of a paper mill."
Chapter in the book, Auditing Organisational Communication, 1999.

How to order / download

"Employee perceptions of the relationship between communication and productivity."
Journal of Business Communication, 1993

Coming Soon!

"A critical review of communication satisfaction."
Paper presented at the ICA convention, 1988.

Coming Soon!

"Communication satisfaction: A useful construct?"
Paper presented at the ICA convention, 1986.

Coming Soon!