The "Buzz"

Bob DeKoch, President and Chief Operating Officer, The Boldt Company:

"Years ago, I challenged Professor Clampitt to develop a world-class communication system at my company. This book essentially chronicles his novel response to my challenge. By ingeniously weaving together his consulting experiences, research findings, and practical models, he designs compelling solutions to organizations' most vexing communication concerns. A must-read for executives and aspiring managers."

Dennis Tourish, Aberdeen Business School, Scotland

“This book is one of the few which is a 'must read' in the field of management communication. Phil Clampitt combines a deep understanding of the research with an unparalleled sensitivity to the needs of practitioners.  He has produced a text which is stimulating, fun to read and which transforms the way in which we think about communication in organizations.”  

Rodger Mullen, President Prolog Services

"An excellent guide for executives embarking on a leadership agenda requiring significant change. Phil Clampitt masterfully examines and provides answers to complex communication problems that executives encounter everyday."

Phil Salem, Texas State University

"This text is perhaps the best representative of the strategic-choice approach to organizational communication. Rather than reviewing the organizational communication studies research, this book applies research, integrates popular literature and reports of organizational members coping with actual incidents, and offers options for dealing with common managerial concerns."

Stephen Ralston, University of Michigan-Flint

"In this new edition, Clampitt helps us keep pace with the evolving landscape of management communication practice and scholarship. Indeed, this text is a treasure trove for use in and out of the classroom."

N. Lamar Reinsch, Jr., Georgetown University

"Phil has provided a thoughtful, rich, balanced and comprehensive treatment of a very important topic. His discussion has the potential to change the way we think about communication effectiveness."