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"Decision Downloading"

An Analysis of How Leaders Communicate Their Decisions

"Are you a Progress Maker?"

Progress makers envision the future with calculated boldness

“Metacomm helps us work through a number of particularly thorny communication concerns as well as oversees a powerful process to constantly monitor the working climate. As a result, employees have a better understanding of our decision-making process, which helps them to more flexibly respond to changes. Our company continues to grow and we pride ourselves on continuously improving our communication processes. We consider Metacomm a vital part of that process. ”

Rick Fantini, Vice President of Operations, Appleton.

“Our company discovered a unique training need that couldn’t be addressed by any of the standard tools. So, we turned to Metacomm which designed a unique training program that integrated ideas about critical thinking, public speaking, and business communication. Employees were delighted with the individual coaching and the company still enjoys the many benefits of this truly innovative training program.”

Laurie Butz, Director, Organizational Development & Training, American Medical Security.

“We faced significant communication challenges in safety and union contract negotiations. Metacomm provided us with proven communication strategy that aligned with our business objectives and key improvement goals. The Metacomm team brought experience, confidence, and humor to the table. These elements were critical when crafting a communications strategy that ensured our success.”

Erick Nyberg, SPHR, Human Resources Director, New Page.

“A good friend who is a psychologist once said to me, ‘If they don’t know you, they will make you up.’  It is vitally important for us as individuals and as strategic thinkers to portray ourselves through our communication as we desire to be perceived. Metacomm has helped our company to hone our market message to the degree that we truly believe that how we describe ourselves is actually who we are.”

Jim Rossmeissl, Senior Executive Vice President, The Boldt Company.

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