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We conduct assessments in a variety of areas: communication satisfaction, organizational climate and leadership style. We use a variety of methods to gather information and make the appropriate analysis. These methods include conducting focus groups, observing meetings, and interviewing employees. We’ve also developed some unique survey tools including:

Metacomm has several articles relating to organizational communication.

  • The Pulse
    This tool is designed to take the “pulse” of a company by revealing current concerns of employees and how they feel about key organizational issues.

  • Working Climate Survey (aka Uncertainty Management Survey)
    This survey measures how employees and organizations manage uncertainty. The results describe your working climate.

  • Communication Satisfaction Survey
    This tool measures employee satisfaction with various aspects of communication within the organization. It consists of roughly 40 questions that have been tested for reliability and validity.

In each case, we modify the instrument to meet the unique needs of the organization. Typically, our instruments include both traditional numeric scales as well as open-end questions that allow employees to express their personal concerns.

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