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Pursuing a New Market

Situation: A new executive of a cheese producer sought to move the company away from mass market cheese products to specialty cheese products. This initiative represented a major cultural change for the organization. The core challenges were to a) educate employees about the rationale for the shift, b) teach employees about the shift in standards and procedures, and c) motivate employees to quickly “get on board” with the shift.

Result: Metacomm worked with the executive team to craft a strategy, core message, and plan to roll out the initiative. According to the executives, this shift represented “one of smoothest transitions in the organization’s history.” And years later, the executives and employees still regularly invoke the visionary slogan used to drive the change.

Re-envisioning Strategic Direction

Situation: A mid-sized Wisconsin university faced significant budget restrictions and rapidly changing student population. The university leadership sought to re-envision its strategic direction and mission.

Result: Metacomm helped gather data and structure strategic planning exercises for various administrative teams.  Metacomm led a senior team through the planning process resulting in shifts in organizational direction. Follow-up communications with faculty and staff reported high levels of satisfaction with the process, while indicating concerns about the university’s ability to “follow-through.”

Launching a New Division

Situation: One of the largest construction companies in Wisconsin sought to make a major move into construction-related consulting. The challenge was how to “graft” the new division onto the company without undermining the performance and morale of the personnel in the “old” core business.

Result: Metacomm worked with the executive team to prepare the organization for the shift and craft the rollout strategy. Our approach involved creating intensive opportunities to debate the shift before it was formally launched. While the debates were robust, the new division was quickly accepted by those in the core business and now represents a major profit center in the company.

Re-engineering a Paper Machine

Situation: A paper mill was reengineering one of its machines by substantially changing the roles of employees.

Result: After assessing the employee and management communication needs, Metacomm developed a communication strategy which involved designing formal presentations and written material, and holding feedback sessions. The result was a far smoother transition to the new environment than anyone had anticipated.

Enhancing Meetings and Executive Decision-Making

Situation: The executive team of a rapidly growing small business was experiencing difficulties in making clear and timely decisions during meetings.

Result: Metacomm worked with the team to build a set of decision-making rules, protocols, and conventions. As a result, the business continues to grow and employee commitment to decisions has greatly improved.

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