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Communication Specialists

It’s a fact that only…

  • 50% of organizational decisions ever get fully implemented, and

  • 26% of executives believe their business strategy is “well communicated and understood”

Metacomm knows how to correct these trends and optimize communication systems. In fact, our name means “communicating on a higher level.” Specifically, Metacomm develops communication strategies, assesses communication practices, trains employees and coaches leaders.

Metacomm Tip

When writing e-mails, state up front any requests for action and information the reader must see. Preview and number multiple points, requests, or steps to be taken. For example, write "This e-mail explains the six steps you need to take to change health insurance providers."

So what?

These techniques make it more likely that the message will be read and understood. The underlying assumption is that the reader will look at the first screen of your message. If the message is longer, the preview alerts them to scroll down

It's all part of our approach.


Three books and counting.

Our Stories

Working Climate

Specific examples of Metacomm’s communication expertise in action.

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